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Q: Is a medium affiliated with any particular religion?

A: No, the services of a medium are open to anyone regardless of faith.


Q; Can a medium request a particular spirit?

A: No, it is not possible to call a particular spirit. The spirit world will organize themselves and who will come at your session. When you book your appointment with a medium you are also making your appointment with the spirit world. They will be there on time!!


Q: I have a lot of questions, will the medium be able to answer them?

A: It is best not to give any information in advance to the medium. That includes questions. This is because it will be a stronger proof that spirit world exists if the medium knows nothing about you. Spirit world is already aware of the questions you are carrying, so you might find that they get answered during your session regardless.


Q: Can you tell me if I am sick during a Spiritual Healing?

A: No, a medium does not do medical assessments. Spiritual healing is a complement to regular medicine, not an alternative.


Q: Can I bring my friend to a Private Sitting?

A: No, it is private and the information can be quite intimate. You will however receive a recording and can afterwards let your friend listen to it.


Q: How does the medium receive information from a spirit?

A: The medium makes herself receptive to a spirit by opening up her channel through meditation. The communication is done via the senses. The medium might receive information by seeing images, hearing words or songs, feeling the physicality of the person or just knowing something. Even smell and taste occur but are less common.


Q: What type of spirits come to a session?

A: Usually relatives, friends, or friends of family. Sometimes you might act as a messenger for an important message to someone near you.


Q: Can anyone become a medium?

A: Yes, but some have to put more work into it than others simply depending on how open you are and how much you are used to using your senses and are aware of small changes and images in your minds eye.


Q: What is the difference between a Psycic and a Medium?

A: A medium is ALWAYS a psycic but a psycic is not always a medium.

A psycic mostly connects directly with the clients energies while a medium communicates with people in spirit. A medium does not need an object from a diseased loved one to hold because they are not attempting to connect with the memories that might be stored energetically in an object. A Medium connects directly with a spirit, not the memories of one.


Q: Can you fortell my future?

A: A medium is not a fortune teller. However in some occasions a spirit will carry information about the future.  The medium's task is to attempt proving life after death and to pass along messages from people in spirit.



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