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The Medium endeavors to provide evidence of the survival of the human soul after death. She will pass along messages from spirit contacts.


Death is not simply an end but a crossing point for the soul to pass over.  The Medium is completely dependent on the wishes of a spirit to communicate.


A spirit who wishes to communicate with you would somehow be related to you

– ie a friend, relative, loved one.  Sometimes it can take time to understand the information we receive. It is important to come with an open mind as it is not always a person we expected that comes through.


 The session will be recorded and emailed to you. It’s important you do not give the medium any information about yourself or even who you would wish to come through. That would already be too much information.


Duration 30-40min.


More information under Q & A.


SPIRITUAL HEALING is healing energy passed on through a neutral channel, the medium. The healer works within the aura of the recipient without any physical contact. Healing feels different for each individual. The healing received will continue to have effect and work on your physical and mental state also after the session.


 examples of feelings you may experience:










Duration 20-30min.


 As you make your appointment with the medium you are also making an

 appointment with the spirit world therefore it is important to arrive on time.

More information can be found under Q & A.


THE MEDIUM CIRCLE is where you will learn different ways of working with your intuition and how to communicate with the spirit world.


This circle is for people who want to develop their mediumship, intuition and psychic abilities. It will include meditations, communicating with loved ones on the other side, psychometry, learning how to open up as a channel and how to close down. You will get to know your spirit guides better and develop your understanding of the spiritual world and language.


THE MEDIUM CIRCLE will focus on developing your sensitivity to the spirit world, how to tune in and be THE MEDIUM for passing on information. This is not for anyone looking for an easy quick fix, but rather for someone who wants to grow and lay a solid foundation for their spiritual work and development.


The idea is that of a circle of regular participants that want to grow their abilities.

We will get to know ourselves better developing as individuals and at the same time grow a strong group supporting one another.



Duration 90min



Maori healing helps clear the body from emotional, physical and spiritual blockages. By clearing and reactivating the body we allow it to heal and realign.


The ancient Maori healing tradition, Te Oomai Reia, has been passed down through generations and incorporates techniques that work on a deep cellular level. Allowing the release and healing to take place we invite a shift in our body, mind and spirit. Emotional release is a way of letting go of our past, creating space for a new way of being. Sometimes even one session can mark a new beginning in one's life.



A Maori Healing session can last somewhere between 40-90min depending on what your body needs in the moment and how much it is able to receive. Please wear comfortable clothing and avoid any perfumes. It is NOT recommended to book a session if on your moon cycle.



Duration 40-90min